Keyword List Multiplier

Find, multiply and combine variables from the columns below into new phrases that could be used in your ad campaigns.

How to use the tool:

  1. Start by adding a variables into the first column (Primary Keyword Phrases)
  2. Add variables in column 2, 3 and 4 as required that go inline with the theme of the primary variable.
  3. Click on “Create List of Keywords” to generate a list of terms that could be used or added into Adwords.

For example:

Primary Keyword Phrases

Desired Variables

Desired Variables
Free delivery


Primary Keyword Phrases   Desired Variables (city, state etc.)  
Desired Variables (city, state etc.)   Desired Variables (city, state etc.)  

If you're using this for Google Ad Words, you likely want to leave these boxes checked.
Retain Broad Match   Add Exact Match   Add Modified Broad Match
Add Phrase Match   Add Negative Match

 Checking this box CHANGES this tool, so it will generate EXACTLY what you input. Do do not use with the Adwords match types.

This option KEEPS any spaces or other characters you may add, like pipes, spaces etc. and will NOT add its own spaces for use in Adwords.


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Tool created by: SEO Automatic