Foldable Smart Devices is the way forward for Samsung!

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So while I was browsing through the WWW I stumbled upon something that caught my attention and I thought was worth sharing with you. According to, Samsung has been busy (apart from getting themselves involved in lawsuits with Apple) to work on a ‘Foldable Smart Device!’ Of course this time they made sure to apply a patent on their product before using their R&D budget as lawyer fee!

Anyway, jokes aside…. I did find this pretty fascinating. It also rumoured that this technology will NOT be used in its upcoming Galaxy S7. So there might be a wait until we see this bit of tech in action!

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Samsung Invents Worlds First Foldable Smart Devices
Patent Application

Samsung could be working on a foldable smart device, perhaps a tablet or a phone. That’s the conclusion of Patently Mobile, after studying the Korean giant’s recently won patents especially the most recent three. There is now another that explains more of this technology

This one – which describes foldable technology in some detail – has only recently been made public by the US Patent Office. It describes a tri-fold smartphone with the capability of supporting multiple operating systems.

Samsung has evidently been working on this type of smart device for a long time. The number of patents it has been granted suggest it has tried out several form factors featuring flexible displays.

These forms have been divided into four categories, highlighted in an earlier patent: A Scrollable Smartphone, The Tab Style Smartphone, The Foldable Smartphone with Hinge and The Bendable Smartphone. To have a better understanding of the most recently published patent, which talks about a tri-fold smartphone and the multiple operating systems it has to offer, here’s an overview of the earlier form factors.

Scrollable Smartphone

Illustrations of the “Scrollable Smartphone” show a tube from which the screen can be unrolled and rolled up again. When it explains ‘rolling’ it is clear the display being rolled is flexible enough for the user to easily pull it out of the tube.

The patent also shows that for the flex-display, the glass substrate will be replaced by a plastic film. The tube out from which the screen is rolled could feature a button to push out the screen.

Tab Style Smartphone

The next set of illustrations described a smartphone which can be folded like a piece of paper, only with the tab still being exposed on the left side. This left-sided tab could house the favorite apps and display added information, just like the curved edge of the Note 4 Edge or Galaxy 6 Edge.

The Foldable Smartphone with a Hinge

This design is similar to another already described, but it includes a hinge in the center, which divides the display equally into two parts.

The Bendable Smartphone

The last design described in the patent, is a smartphone which can bend. On the face of it, this appears the most unrealistic form factor, although the illustrations show how a flex-display will allow the phone to bend.

These are concepts on which Samsung is already said to be working. The recently published patent suggests it has combined these forms to create one design. The new patent shows how a combination of forms could be possible if Samsung applies the foldable technology on a range of devices, such as a tablet PC, personal digital assistants (PDA), and MP3 players.

Another point on which the patent sheds light is the use of multiple operating systems. It becomes clear they will be based on the unfolding degree of the smart device.

Rumors that have surfaced about the next Galaxy series smartphone, the S7, suggest it will not feature any of this technology. Considering the strong smartphone industry competition, Samsung may need to introduce something that astonishes. Perhaps a smartphone with foldable screens, will be out really soon.


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