Audi faces German emissions probe

     BERLIN (Bloomberg) — German prosecutors opened another criminal investigation into the Volkswagen diesel-emissions scandal, this time looking at the company’s upscale Audi unit. Prosecutors in Ingolstadt opened the probe after reviewing several criminal complaints, including one filed by Audi, said Juergen Staudt, a spokesman for the investigators.The case is targeting people at the automaker […]

Your Car, Sir: How Ultra-High-End Car Buying Is Different

Visit an ultra-luxury brand’s showroom, and you’ll find the espresso machine is always on, the sales representative likely knows your social media profile, and a complementary bouquet—with blooms to match your new car’s paintwork—is going home with you at delivery time. Yes, mass-market brands emphasize customer service, but retailers of the world’s most prestigious marques […]

Disappearing Donuts

One-Third of New Cars Don’t Come With a Spare Tire What’s worse than a flat tire? The sinking realization that you have no way to fix it. That’s the situation more American motorists may find themselves in as 36 percent of 2015 models are sold without a spare tire, according to new research from AAA. […]