Business Portfolio


Project of Dialog Axiata PLC
The Dialog Self-Care Mobile Application was developed by Dialog Axiata PLC. The application was launched to provide the basic self-care facilities for the subscribers of the network. The concepts below were introduced and handled by me exclusively for the Group Key Client Services division, for the benefit of Club Vision Members. 

Technical Information
Supported OS – Apple iOS 7.0 and above & Android 4.3 and above
App available on the Apple App Store & Android Play Store – region dependent (Dialog Self-Care)

app1app2 app3 app4
The application screenshots displayed above are a part of the Dialog Self Care App. During phase one of the project each
Club Vision member using the application was welcomed to a different graphical user interface. My primary role was to ensure
that the colour schemes used in the different themes were up to the standard of the overall brand. Moreover, placement of 
icons and options were strategically thought through with the end user always in mind. 


app5A new menu was created for members to view their applicable offers and benefits. The options of the above menu
were placed after determining the most common customer requests based on data collected by surveys and
frequently asked questions.

app6The screenshot above displays the 'User Information' section of the application. Members have the ability to fill in
details about their likes, dislikes, family information and other interests. The information provided was used
to better 
target customer promotions, events and offers.


app7The application also provided members with the ability to upload confidential documents as request letters and payment
information via the app. The information was transmitted securely via the app to service teams for further action.
This function was found very effective by members who travel overseas and needed to stay connected with their
service provider. Moreover, it was also used by many tech savvy individuals to request for services right
from the comfort of their very own home / office.


app8The gird displays applicable benefits to members of a certain category. Although my initial concept was to display
dynamic information (used vs remaining benefits per calendar year) system restrictions delayed the rollout 
to a later phase in the applications development timeline.


app9The screenshot above displays the messaging centre. This novel feature of the application enables a two way
conversation with the network and each user of the app. The feature I introduced was to enable Club Vision to
push promotions and other events direct to the customers mobile device without interfering customer privacy
by popping up in the person email / text messages. This feature was found to be very effective and was applied
across all app users and not only Club Vision Members.


app10The virtual card above is displayed for members to gain access to special events and promotions hosted by Club Vision.