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Hello my name is Umar!

umarWelcome to my website! My site serves as my portfolio of work, as well as a place where I share my thoughts and interests.

I tweet and blog on various topics that are of interest to me and what I feel is important to know with the world out there, from the latest in technology to the greatest news in the field of marketing and digital marketing to the hottest news in the automobile industry, if it catches my eyes it will catch yours!
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As a marketing professional with a passion for brand management, customer relations and digital marketing, I always had the will to bridge the gap between a marketer and a creative designer. I have experience working with an array of design programs that helps me bring out on paper what I see in a brand, just the way I want it.

My portfolio of projects will give you a good understanding of what my capabilities and interests are, from creating your very own website to ensuring that your site is found in the vast jungle of the WWW by proven techniques using SEO, SEM and managing your social media platform.

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Web design is a daunting task to some, well it was to me at first! Having self-learnt web design the hard way (by making mistakes), today I enjoy working with Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS and my favourite-WordPress!


My love for the automobile industry started at a very young age, starting from Matchbox cars my passion has grown into the real deal. Keeping up to date on the latest in the automobile industry is just second nature to me!


Being a marketer, I always wanted to make what I see in a brand a reality. By working for countless hours on design applications as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, making that thought a reality is possible!


Apart from keeping my social persona in tip-top shape, I enjoy working with organizations to maintain their online presence. After all, of the 3.17 billion internet users, 2.3 billion are active on social media!


My world revolves around technology. I enjoy keeping myself in the loop of the latest and greatest in the tech world. Thanks to a close friend who got me on the Apple bandwagon, I consider myself a total Apple fanboy!


Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing always had my attention. From the fun part of installing a tracker and tracking it through Analytics, helps me see what my site visitors like or hate!




Looking forward to Connect!